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January 5, 2008 at 9:47 am #5769

@Flexo wrote:

well i actually dont think i have 20 percent body fat, I, as well as anyone else around me will never belive that. id say i have roughly 12 – 15 percent but the scales i have at home are the bodyfat measureing type and that says 20 percent… although my cousin has been doing bodybuilding for 5 years and he has 10 to 12 percent body fat when measured manually but the machine says 18 percent… those things are not accurate.. so scratch the bodyfat…. but other then that…. ummm ur a loser lol but its cool…. u werent tryin to be…. sounds like it comes naturally… anyhow advice without the smart arse attitude would be desireable as i said im here for solid honest advice i think i need to add to that no loser smart ass attachments.

I’m a loser because you didn’t here what you wanted to hear. At 77kg aand 20% BF and wants to gear up and dosen’t know how, me thinks you’re the loser ehehehe.
Now you asked for solid honest advice I gave it to you and you didn’t want to listen.
Good Luck on your endeavours
Philip J Fry