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December 16, 2007 at 8:49 am #5638

@unbuff wrote:

so its pretty much the same as standing front BB shrug, except ur knees are bent slighty and ur leaning abit forward right?

Edit: I watched a short video on the power shrug, looks kinda nasty, pulling the weight up doesnt look bad, its when the weight drop down…?

Reasonable description and video (if very short)

When it says bend at the knees, this should be by pushing the hips backwards (not shins forward), with a flat back, and then thrust the hips forward and shrug really hard… I usually end up rising up onto my toes too.

These should be done heavy – like 70-80% of your max dead for reps.
Recommend using straps on these so you can use a double overhand grip and do reps without worrying about your grip.

A good variation is to use a really wide-grip (definitely need straps then!)