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November 9, 2007 at 1:47 pm #5500

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have fun deadlifting 3 times aweek 😯

Good point.

I have never quite got my head around the old HST type stuff. 1 set! I just wonder how that can be of any help at all? When you start hittin the other weeks then you are basically doin a 5 x 5 which i have found great for strength and motivation. So if those are the things you are chasing then i would reccomend you give it a shot. 😉

only for 1 week is he doing 1 set. (running in?)

but yet, i still stand by 2 workouts MAX. Unless ur some sort of recovery beast on juice.

*edit* PS: I did one set training for atleast… 24 weeks (more id assume) and it did not make me bigger!! Stronger yes…

I even ate more then usual while gaining the strength, and all that happened was i gained alittle more around the stomach, not cool.