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November 1, 2007 at 9:44 pm #5438

@J_-DawG wrote:

These genes would have been great 20 000 years ago if i had to hunt to survive, but its the 21st century and closest thing i do to hunting is buying food at the supermarket.
Not everyone finds the body builder size attractive, and i as sure know that some find it repulsive… especially ladies.

Not entirely true. Like a lot of things in life there’s a ‘depends’. In this case, the ‘depends’ is whether or not the lady in question is looking for a long term or short term partner (Of course, there are exceptions to any generalization).

@J_-DawG wrote:

I am not moaning about my build, but am asking how to transform my body from one shape to the other, and if a forum for muscle building gurus isn’t the right place to ask then im stumped.
I don’t mind critisism but would prefer it too be constructive.
Any other sugestions?

You’re body has just adapted to the demands you’ve put on it. Don’t make those demands and you’ll start to shrink.

But I’d suggest you just eat less and see what happens when you really lean out.