Reply To: Training Arms

January 31, 2008 at 6:08 am #5420

I got some good advice from a pro late last year about biceps

apparently if you dont know how to train them, even if your on the juice they wont grow!

the best way is to concentrate on them, in terms of frequency and stimulation (e.g in a week u do back bi’s shoulders legs, calves etc etc…bi;s are a small muscle that will only grow a small amount in proportion…) so as an example have two days for only bi’s. Make sure there is a full extension and make sure you are stimulating them in different ways an increasing weight. wrists and forearms are important for bi growth as well …but he didnt tell me that I just knew that already

its so simple, its working for me too

so heres an example

day 1: back / bi’s

day 2 shoulders / calves /suats /

day 3 bi’s (at home)

day 4 chest / tri’s

day 5 bi’s (at home) lunges

just substitute the dumbells for barbells if possible and if wanted and also add in some reverse curls and your done

pull ups and chinups are good too