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January 1, 2009 at 5:42 am #5110

@JoeBlo wrote:

How do you work out your BF km?
Is there any difference between L – glute and glutamine?

A1: The mirror. I am not a fat freak.

A2: No I was being lazy.

I don’t get real excited about the whole calories and fat thing as you will notice if you read other posts I have made previously LOL. I look in the mirror and if I look like I could lose a bit of flab then I do cardio for a week or so and really watch the diet.

Thanks for the kind words guys I have really been kicking arse laetly and I would only put it down to a few things:
– I am back on the tools pretty much full time. (fucken loose staff members….sorry did I say that politically correctly enough 🙄 )
– I have been exceptionally consistant for the last 2 years and the gains are rolling in.

Although I have my real ordinary days as well but I just tell myself that the workout is complete and there’s always next week LOL.