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December 5, 2007 at 5:05 am #5018

I couldnt hold it in anymore, but im 3 days away from benching 100kgs.

I changed my grip from almost shoulder to about 1 or 2inchs past my elbow, so its pretty wide for me. I had to drop the weight down abit, but Ive been gaining really well ever since i changed the grip.

after i benched 90kgs 6 times (3 – 5 is my range), i upped the weight by 2.5kgs the next week, and i benched 6times again and i kept adding and adding and now here I am. I plan to keep putting the weight on and not stop. I would love to get to 110 before feb, thats my goal Bull.

If anyone has been reading my posts since i joined here, theyll know my bench was always pissy and never got anywhere. and for this to start happening i feel like big Kev – Excited 😀