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December 2, 2007 at 3:31 am #5008

@mcham wrote:

@StormTrooper wrote:

My closest gym is 6 mins round trip and I still prefer to train at home.

That’s funny man after hassling me for trying to sell my equipment… actually many guys on here seem to be training at home.

Anyways… my best lifts, all max singles:
deadlift 240kg, in a comp
squat 200kg, with knee wraps though, best without wraps is 192.5kg
bench 140kg
military press 92.5kg

Been stuck at around these levels for a while… I keep switching to conditioning type training in an effort to lean out (I weight 99kg, but should really get down to 90 or so), but then I get sick of lifting light weights and seeing my strength go down and switch back to heavy training 😉

LOL. I’m not dissing your eqipment, I’m sure it’s great, my point was you have never posted..ah f*ck it, who cares…

Anyhow, I do prefer to train at home for the sake of convenience andI don’t have to put up with morons at the gym who sit on benches texting there mates about which niteclub they are going to after their workout.
Also i like to train in my undies 😆