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August 16, 2007 at 12:16 am #4735

Dr J is right use no bar till you learn it. I would suggest starting with power cleans and hang cleans (no press so no pushing over your head). You can load up a fair bit more this way as you progress and it is easier to learn the set up to the press. Also easier exercises are a dumbbell snatch (one of my favourites check t-nation for it).

For a power clean here is a quick lot of pointers: Make sure you sit back on your ass when you start and keep your back relatively straight, keep the bar as close to if not on your shins and pull up close to the body all the way as much as you can (makes you able to lift more). Thrust your hips, retract and shrug your shoulders at the end getting your elbows really high so you can ROLL them underneath and push them up (while slightly dipping at the knees to make it easier). Then push elbows high and rest the bar on you fingers/shoulders (hard for most people to do as Dr J said: Flexibility).

Hope that helps

And do them first