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July 31, 2007 at 6:53 am #4656

The Post-Workout (ANABOLIC) window is best spoken of as 3x sort of phases of carb sensitivity (according to Dr John Berardi –

The first window where you could eat almost anything is for 2 hours ish after the workout, some people take 2x meals in this time to really squeeze in more food.

Then next is a 6 hour phase/window after the workout, here you could take food every 2 hours or so.

Then before returning to normal carb sensitivity, the 3rd phase is around 24 hours after the workout, in which you can still feed up good, before switching to a more carb controlled diet before the next workout. DA

That seems to be sense-making. Although the third window seems a bit irrelevant – I mean you’re meant to sleep at some point aren’t you? And I would never eat carbs on my last meal before going to sleep. And the next day – say, 15 hours after workout – I just can’t see your muscles absorbing any extra after a proper sleep and all…