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July 30, 2007 at 11:26 pm #4631

You have 3 good supplements there in protein, creatine and fish oil.

Take your fish oil during the day with your meals (halve it if you want between an early meal and a late meal or take a little each meal of the day). I would recommend about 20gs or at least 10g a day.

Protein can be used pre and post workout (during if you dont have a problem doing that as some people dont like too). Take about 25g of protein with 30-45g of glucose in a shake before and after your workout (have half of the before shake and sip the rest through the workout if you have chosen that use during workout shakes).

Take about 5g of creatine post workout in your post workout shake.

Tribulus,glucosamine just follow their instructions (but i wouldnt waste my money on it in the future unless you got lots to waste).

Multi can be taken when ever just follow the instructions.

Now supplements arent the most important so you should really get what you eat and how you train down first, as they are.