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July 10, 2007 at 10:13 am #4592

i have about 6 whites + 1scp of whey pretraining (with oats)

and str8 whey after training. I would go for only eggs pretraining, but i dont trust them raw entirely now, becoz i cracked a perfectly normal looking one which came out green and so smelly i dry wreached the whole time cleaning it up, plus it spoiled the already 5 whole eggs i had in my shake, i was traumatised by the whole thing, and went off eggs for months.

Kinmassive, just put the eggs in ur shaker and shake it up, give it ago.

ST: why dont u get milk str8 from the cows teet aswell hehe.. im in the city man and pay 4.50 for 12 eggs… no farms here