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July 7, 2007 at 10:09 am #4561

First of all i will clarify my protein info: you want your protein pre and post workout (can have it during but a lot of people dont like doing that) with a carbohydrate mixture that will spike insulin level to help transport nutrients into your cells (which include muscle cells). It should be used as a recovery supplement, you use it to recovery faster which in turn helps you train more and harder and then you get bigger.

You can buy a lot of powders on the market that will do this but they can be expensive (though there are some good tasters out there if you dont mind artificial flavours).

If you are not getting about 2g per kilo of protein a day in your normal food then I might suggest supplementing with protein shake during the day to make it up but most people can get this easily with what they eat naturally or a make slight change to their diet.

If you want to get bigger the key supplement is chowing down a hell of a lot of food all day long and making sure its not highly processed (unless for recovery shakes as I have stated above) so that you dont become a nice big fat ass.

That was a bit more than you wanted but I hope it helps your purchase (or hopefully non purchase) of a weight gainer or meal replacement shake.

Creatine is once again a supplement that will help you train harder/longer so that you can get better gains and the other two will just increase your health which will again help recovery. I might also suggest some fibre supplimentation as most need it to crap properly and also it helps absorbtion of nutrients by cleaning out the ol intestines.

And yes to anyone reading this I do like brackets.