Reply To: HIT Rotines

December 12, 2007 at 8:07 pm #4518

There’s some HIT articles on T-mag – look for articles with Ellington Darden as the author

Also do a seach on DogCrapp training, which is a great HIT variation that a lot guys seem to do well on (not sure if they would call it a HIT variant, but it is A/B routine, one working set, with overload techniques thrown in… which is pretty HIT-ey to me).

Dont really agree with your def on HIT unbuff… original HIT stuff was reasonably high frequency actually – e.g. A/B routines rotated through 3 training days a week. And is very much focused on mass building. Not really low reps either… though this may depend on what you think low reps is… most HIT stuff sits in th 8-15 type range, which I dont think is low 🙂