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July 7, 2007 at 4:02 am #4481

muscle milk! like in that movie ‘the animal’

but srs as a first time poster…I was only looking for a sample training program…(edit) and a quick solution…thats the reason I jumped on the forum

WHen I jumped on I learnt a lot. Even with 2 years of pathetic girly man training (+ a bit of powerlifting) under my belt….

my diet was shit
I had no idea about protein …except for post
I didnt even know what glutamine did I just took it?
I was like…maltodexthuh?
I was a fan of tribulous
I knew wat hypertrophy taining was thats about it
I was like CNS whats that?
Intensity was a gaming arcade I used to go to when I was a kid
1RM was some sort of military code in the delta force movies…just kidding i knew what that meant…or did I?>>lol
my idea of good fat was KFC
there was nothing like 2kilos of post workout noodles..

well mayb not THAT BAD!!…lol

But the thing with bodybuilders…noobs or not…they never want to clic on anything that says ‘beginner’…. sample diet mayb or sample workout…and everyone wants something for nothing and a quick solution.
u digg?