Reply To: efficiency

June 12, 2007 at 1:03 am #4458

yeh, as some of you have mentioned (and thanks for remembering) tendons in my knees are dodgy, so trying to avoid leg work at the moment.

Biceps and Back workout consists of
Dumbbell curls — superset with Hammer curls
dumbbell concentration curls
cable preacher curls
cable curls to failure

Cable seated row
seated cable pullover
lat pull down
barbell shrug
cable upright row

triceps and chest
tricep cable pushdown — superset with dips on bench
dumbbell extensions

dumbbell bench press
machine press
pec dec
dumbell fly
cable standing fly
chest press — superset with pushups on knees

arnold press
dumbbell shoulder press
cable front raise
dumbbell lateral raise, one arm.
dumbbell rear delt row

thats pretty much it.
definatly gonna change it around a bit and take on board some of your advice.