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May 9, 2007 at 11:55 pm #4330

@kinmassive wrote:

Behind the neck pulldowns hey? You reckon that’ll strengthen the movement?

And yes they are mostly skinny guys. Should this make a difference? Halesy (Ian) is a big guy and he does 3 sets of 12 chins 😯

Behind the necks are just another angle to work on, youll find they allow arching of the back/lats area, which must be beneficial – right.

Having no bodyfat, would save a person lugging that extra 5/10kg up and down – and expecting to add weight – say 10-20kg as well. Seems to me the bodies balance of muscle serves the body – but without the extra bodyfat being included.

But Ian has achieved that mesomorph/giant state we would all like. I know another shortish giant guy who is the same – seems to go forever on pullups. DA