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May 1, 2007 at 10:22 am #4290

@Dr J wrote:

@StormTrooper wrote:

A whey shake after a workout is fine. But i question the need for them other times of the day (unless emergency, running late or meetings etc)I
Swiz, if you want some info on nutrition I have some e-books PM me.

I agree and dis-agree (surprise, surprise!).

hahaha no it dosen’t surprise. It’s just that i see it all too often. Guys struggle to put on mass and they think the secret is to down more shakes, and i was like this once too. When i woke up and smelt the coffee I realise more food was the answer, so i just use 1 shake post workout or as i said before in emergency situations. How many guys i know just have breakfast, lunch and dinner and have a shake between these meals and they wonder why they aren’t putting on muscle. They always think it’s the training that’s not right, so they try to train harder, longer, to no avail (yes that was me again), but 95% of the time it’s their diet and nutrition that is the problem.
rant over
Cheers ST 😉