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April 29, 2007 at 11:48 pm #4287

well…thats why I’m having trouble with my diet hehe. ATM this is the most important thing to me. Basically I need to be educated. I dont think I totally grasp the importance of cdertain foods within my diet and what various things do etc..

I have a diebetic dad who also had high bp so he is always watching his diet. So I have learnt a fair bit from him in terms of how to properly cook vegetables, what potassium does to the body ldl & hdl, etc.. But I still dont have the education I recquire. I only got serious with weights about 6 months ago, previous to that I had worked out all throughout uni (on and off) without ever taking glutamine or protein or anything else. Basically atm I am not competent in terms of dieting. My diet has improved drastically in the last 6 months but I dont know certain things…for example I was under the impression protein shakes were a must have in a diet esp for recovery after workout. Ive met ripped up and huge bodybuilders at my gym who dont take shakes…but I never thought about how they do it..I just always thought for me it was a must..