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March 11, 2009 at 11:01 am #4169

@pilot1 wrote:

Yeah i agree storm trooper. I find a good combination of Propionate, Stanozol, Boldenone and Clenbuterol will get the results.
Well, Stanozol will harden up the muscle whilst keeping you anabolic, Propionate will also give an extra hardening effect whilst keeping the body’s androgenic levels like strength up,
Boldenone also assists in the hardening and keeps up the anabolic rate with an added appetite stimulation with the Clenbuterol suppressing the appetite.
Like just mentioned, Clenbuterol will speed up the metabolic rate, increase the body temperature, hense burning any fats off.
But this is not a cycle or stack for anyone, if you are only just starting off then i would recommend Stanozol and Propionate.

What he said. 😉