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March 13, 2007 at 5:33 am #4144

My thoughts exactly. Cool


1) your program was full of isolation exercises.
2) you’re suggesting to go heavy (6-10 to me sounds like you’re loading upwards of 80% of one’s RM)
3) frequency is overboard

I dont expect you to go back on your own word and admit your program sucks…but dont hang shit on others when you yourself are giving out generic, dangerous and shitty advice.

Stormtropper – IMO, you wanna get the most bang out of your buck when you workout AND you wanna do so safely. Why would a beginner do incline/decline benchpresses when he hasnt done flat press?! –

what difference does it make how long he’s been training

It makes a big difference! Beginners can get away with less. They dont have to do crazy volume, or do a a lee preist workout like kin is suggesting, or worse, go real heavy in the 6 rep range.

Likewise with a barbell squat. I would rather someone go on a legpress (if they havent been shown how to lift properly) than someone go out and hammer 6-10 heavy reps with bad form doing barbell squats.

Both of you sound like a bunch of weight-lifting snobs (see beradi’s article about it). It sounds like unless you are doing olympic lifting, you shouldnt bother.

Like Derek Said, there are great benefits with free weights. I agree, but discounting machines all together just because its not ‘hardcore’ is just stupid..especially for a beginner. you gotta remember periodization folks.

Sometimes i even wonder why i post here… :?