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February 27, 2007 at 2:23 am #4073

@kinmassive wrote:

Well I belive that you need one that’s purely Australian for a start with australian foods etc.

Ideas, here’s a few.
– Food and calorie guides converted to grams not pounds etc
– sample diets for certain weights, goals.
– sample work outs eg database (people are lazy and if you do all the work for them you will kill it in this market)
– obviously the initial fitness scan for the beginning of your log which would include different things for different people eg dieters and weightlifters, chalk and cheese. This is something where a similar layout could be set but with different focuses for the different diciplines.
– A diary to enter your daily thoughts, achievements etc.
– A progress graph
– A measurements table in cm and mm eg 48.26cm biceps not 18″ biceps and kg’s not pounds.
– An impressive layout that has serious sides to it but not all, also if you can include a reminder of sorts everyday that would be an advantage also, sort of like a guilt trip installer.

Stallion if you are serious about doing something that could be genuinely marketed please PM me and I’ve got a lot more little things that would make the program a success.

i like it the only thing that i would change is that the measuring system use both systems. like you can change from kg to pounds etc etc