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March 2, 2007 at 3:53 am #4050

in answer to your Q about maltodextrin in shakes. As mentioned above, the sugars get the protein on a highway to the right places.

From memory (i just put in an “about that” measure) stick to the following for a pre/post workout shake.
Protien: 0.8g/kg
Dextrose: 0.8g/kg
Maltodextrin: 0.2g/kg

So for eg. 80kg person would have a shake with 64g protein, 64g dextrose, 16g malto.

i use myopure CSEP WPI and proprietary brand dextrose/malto.

i avoid sugar at most other times of the day if i have a choice.
maybe get complex carbs into you for lower GI and insulin regulation. Protein is better!

Milk… nectar of the gods… maybe start slow – dont start drinking 6 glasses a day of milk tho, you may end up with the runs.