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February 3, 2007 at 4:11 am #3993

I am eating a fair amount of rice and beans…Will try and minimise rice, and load on the vegetables and greens etc. Eating Brocolli rice at the moment, tastes good, and is quite green!

Will have to read up more on the carb cycling, sounds a little confusing at first!

Eating fruit nuts, they taste great, and appear natural. Have a Banana with oats which tastes great. Not eating a whole lot of fruit, maybe 2 bananas a day, with the odd small serve of fruit salad every couple of days.

Sultanas or dried Grapes – what are your views on these?

But I have sprung an injury from soccer, so im a little tender at the moment…What do people suggest I do when I cant exercise. Try and focus on my diet but I feel like im skipping something, and just dont feel right during the day!

Im struggling to keep my diet in check as I was doing earlier…Need to keep continued focus!

In regards to the final fat – was talking to someone today and they said if i start hitting the weights and the gym again, together with playing competitive soccer, whilst still maintaining a relatively strict diet I should burn off the remaining fat, and turn it into muscle? Is this true?