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February 3, 2007 at 12:24 am #3992

@Andy wrote:

Cant access protien shakes, and will be travelling for the month of feburary…
Maybe I have eggs in the morning for a source of protien.

Afternoon – eating minimal carbs – but what do you suggest I have for a snack other than fruits? If you dont want me eating carbs then should I stay off the nuts??

I know fruit is good for you but to much fructose might not be ideal if you’re trying to lose fat. It’s also probably a timing thing (eg. that’s were a cycling protocol might work).

I’d have something like nuts and jerky or nuts an cottage cheese.

@Andy wrote:

What is a good suggestion for Dinner? Obviously Tuna, Salmon, Chicken Breast etc? But should I be having much rice, or should I load up on vegetables such as lettuce, tomato, and other greens such as beans, peas, carrots etc?

You could try avoiding rice, pasta and regular potatos late in the day (maybe altogether as an experiment). Switch to sweet potato instead or just a load of veggies as you suggest.