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January 25, 2007 at 4:49 am #3983

I dont think a banana after 1 hour of high intensity cardio is enough, your body would be screaming for fuel and all it is getting is a banana until lunch. Do you know your bf percentage from when you started to now? I thought you would be fairly lean already from the running in soccer.If you really cannot get to the gym maybe some pushups, heaves, chin ups, squats, dips etc with some resistance ie a friend or a back pack with some house hold items in it, something like that.I am assuming that you feel you have lost a considerable amount of muscle for you to mention it in your first post otherwise you would be happy with the weight that you have lost which is quite a bit.Remember you will always lose an amount of muscle during a cutting phase unless you are a genetic freak its just the way it goes, unless some of the other guys out there know of some secrets that arent illegal of course, maybe the Doc can help you out.