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June 14, 2007 at 1:08 am #3855

The 3x 8-12 have help me get back into the swing of things but not so good for my strength

i got muscle revolution by Chad Waterbury a few months ago and decided to give some of his principles a go

i used the speed and 5×5 to help with endurance and strength

Chin ups 5×5
Dips 5×5
Dumbbell flat bench presses 5×5
T-bar rows 5×5
Squats 5×5
Deadlifts 5×5

I do all this in about 35-40 mins
I dropped the small muscle exercise for now
Its only been 2 weeks but every exercise has gone up 10 to 20lbs

Im still have trouble with diet but it is slowly improving, I have been able to start having protein shakes again. Progress is slow but better then nothing

p.s pilates is the best ab and lower back workout i have ever done i suggest anyone with back problems or wants a good ab work out to try it