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January 6, 2007 at 10:11 pm #3816

@unbuff wrote:

Does your steak lose its protien after frying it?

Have u made those bars yet? because i tryed making some awhile ago and they turned out soggy, or hard plastic when out of the oven.

if yours come out like a decent bar and easy to eat let me know.

edit: Ive also thought about throwing in some protien powder into a cookie mix.. i cant see how that wouldnt work.

i didnt think the protein could disapear its just ive read on some forums it breaks down to useless matter.

the bars ended up being not soggy, however not enough sugar and pretty gonna play around with the ratios and maybe add a bit more honey and cook needs to be a bit moister.

ur cookie idea is a good idea.might give it a go