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January 13, 2007 at 10:53 pm #3777

This is getting way off as usual. But my opinion on the whole subject is this.

At the stage V’s friend would be at anything legal to cut would and will be used. Even if this stack doesn’t rip you to shreds it would help shed fat to some extent with a diet and training program, it makes sense. And to be honest how many of you out there hasn’t tried something that helps a little but not a lot in the hope of achieving your goals quicker?? Try and remember here that both of these things are on the banned substance list in the Olympics, so they must have some effect, combined or not.

So any aid to help that LITTLE bit in my opinion is a good thing, not that I think asprin and caffine are a healthy option but hey who know what the supplement companies are shoving down our throats, couldn’t be any worse I couldn’t imagine?