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April 12, 2008 at 12:04 am #3694

@swiz wrote:

Na as far as I know Ronald Laura’s matrix system uses partial repetition techniques in one set like the platoon or 21 technique. This is partial repetition but in individual sets. Im sure it has a name too, mayb I’ll ring up that gym and ask the guy where he got it from … works well though

edit so theres 9 sets total if ur using a bar…3 sets of each movement just to be clear

Matrix uses full rep, partial top and partial bottom in one set.

From what I understand here we have.

3 sets bottom part of the curl (full stretch at bottom)

3 sets middle part of curl

3 sets top part of curl with 1-4 sec hold at 90 degrees.

Total 9 sets.

Questions 1) target rep total per set, is it the same for all movements? 2) what rest between sets? 3) Top part sets, is the isometric hold at the end of each rep or the last rep of each set? 4) Finally, are all three bottom part sets done before moving on to middles?

Dr Anal Retentive might give this a go!