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April 6, 2008 at 9:46 pm #3685

@swiz wrote:

just saving everyone from going back a page

@swiz wrote:

The first movement is taken from the arm at a dead hang to a 45 degree angle. This is movement is done in three sets

The second movement is from that 45 degree angle where the last movement stopped to 45 degrees from a full contraction. This is done in 3 sets

The final movement is from a 90 degree anlge (or ur arms facing outward right in the middle of the contraction ) to the full contraction where at the end of the contraction u flex ur writs towards u and hold in an isometric contraction at the end for 1-4 seconds. This last movement is done in 3 sets.

You can do it with dumbells alternatinhg for each hand or just use a 5 foot bar or easy bar.

I know its simple. u prob think its cllose to 21’s but u can play around with thiss…the first movement u can have more weight or max out through the whole lot..thats what makes it fun .But try it…what have u got to lose…

edit its important that the first movement is done to a full lockout or dead hang…also that u lift as much as u can

neway if u decide to do it can u tell me if it over fatigues ur biceps? Im still not sure…awesome regime but