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July 27, 2007 at 11:36 am #3635

@unbuff wrote:

@tobyredd wrote:

For the love of…….. 👿


Metal types are the pain in the ass of the weight training World. They spend more time talking and philosophizing about training than doing it. Dogma is their middle name. They thrive on discussing discipline, structure and love to ponder over the definition of terms. They are the iconoclasts of the weight-training world. Most of their calorie expenditure comes from talking.”


Well if im a “metal type” for giving basic advice, and spending about 5mins on everyday, then a metal type i am.

PS: I dont talk, i type and train not ponder.

Toby you are a fuckwit!!!!!

my bi’s look a little and I mean a little like an AFL ball. So we can all compare them to something. What my wife compare’s my main muscle to is my business. Ha Ha