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November 2, 2006 at 10:58 pm #3381

Creatine helps your train more intensely (which will probably mean you need to eat more) it doesnt directly make you much bigger besides added water gains which can easily be lost and is not real size.

Also the only way you can really not be catabolic is by intaking food constantly and watching how you train (run long distance and you will find you are going to be catabolic, do weight you will be catabolic, walk down the street its catabolism).

The way to get past some of this is too make sure your calorie intake is at or above your needs, eat regularly (2 hours would be good for you), watch your long runs etc (weight training and sprinting etc will be catabolic straight away but anabolism takes over to build muscle after a while) and having really good post workout nutrition will lessen the time you are catabolic and increase your anabolism.

There are not pills to stop you being catabolic, there are some ‘supposed’ pills that increase muscle retention while dieting yet that is not really going to help you much.

And i forgot to mention one real son of a bitch in catabolisms corner, mental stress.