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November 2, 2006 at 12:45 am #3378

try a whopper with cheese (or 2) its 700 calories per burger you could do with the added amounts. Also log your food intake for a week and count the calories. I have to eat somewhere near 4000 calories to maintain my mass, that is a lot of food, if your say 70kgs that is usually a lot less maybe 3000 depending on activity levels (I’m 98) and you may not really eat as much as me. Try to cut out any cardio like the guys said earlier if your goal is only mass if you cant well the shakes and stuffing your face post exercise (liquid meals are better) every day is a good way to go, you can usually take in a lot once you have exercised. But the fast food option may be a good idea for you for a few months if body fat is never a problem, just probably not the best long term health solution. Make your meals regular like 400 calories every 2 hours untill about 6 or 8 at night usually you can get in a lot of food this way. Also watch high fibre healthy foods like fruit etc they will fill you up and give you jack all calories, just once again try to limit how long you do this.