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October 23, 2007 at 10:57 pm #3284

@unbuff wrote:


I own pretty much the same type as the one you have linked (no smith, just adjustable pins), and to be honest, I hate it. Its awkward getting rolling the bar off the pins for benching, its awkward stepping back when squatting, but making sure im still over the bottom pins for when i fail. and sometimes when im going for it, i nearlly shit myself as i drop, coz im praying im still over those bottom pins.

The bodysolid Pro powerrack definetly looks the money. It looks to me the pins are horizontal (on mine they arch up), with a nice safety bar at the bottom for squats. You can even do rack deads on it, and virtually anything else for that matter. If I keep looking at this thing im going to buy it. Perhaps if i do, my lifts will go up now that i wont be scared.

this is all imo.

unbuff, i know what you mean about it being a bit awkward. I tried a smith machine previously and i rooted up my back because of the way it forced me to move. Though I had a lot more confidence on the smith machine so i would go all out.

I haven’t had any injuries since using the parabody and i’m up to the same levels again.

At home all i have is a swiss ball, the rack, dip attachments, dumbells, barbells and medicine balls. I haven’t found a need for anything else.

the parabody one has side rails that u can raise up and down incase of failure you can just drop it and it will catch it no matter what.

but i’m same as kinmassive i never go to failure for legs because i know i lose form and will start to bounce around at the bottom trying for that last rep.