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October 23, 2007 at 8:30 am #3282


I own pretty much the same type as the one you have linked (no smith, just adjustable pins), and to be honest, I hate it. Its awkward getting rolling the bar off the pins for benching, its awkward stepping back when squatting, but making sure im still over the bottom pins for when i fail. and sometimes when im going for it, i nearlly shit myself as i drop, coz im praying im still over those bottom pins.

The bodysolid Pro powerrack definetly looks the money. It looks to me the pins are horizontal (on mine they arch up), with a nice safety bar at the bottom for squats. You can even do rack deads on it, and virtually anything else for that matter. If I keep looking at this thing im going to buy it. Perhaps if i do, my lifts will go up now that i wont be scared.

this is all imo.