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September 19, 2006 at 2:34 am #3124

@jay27 wrote:

Stormtrooper, i know it seems like a waste of money….But working full time and pumping iron by night takes up most of my time!

The diet is a day job in itself….. The sad thing is that ask any experienced weight trainer, and he / she will tell you that the diet is key…Something that this muscle now package (apparently) covers in detail…or at least i hope they do.

I need that! I need to be told what to eat and exactly when to eat it, as after 5 years of hardcore training, i think i need to re-evaluate my approach to training and nutrition.

Im 91kgs and around 18-22 % body fat. At 184cms I can hold the fat ok, but i know it can be better. Im keen to get under 12%. Cardio is good for it, but i really dont want to loose anything in overall strength.

Anyone have any links to proven muscle-building diets that work?? For $260 AUD it does seem a little steep…But if im desperate i just may give it a shot.

You just answered the main question “Diet”. If you go to any decent forum and ask questions people will give you advice for free, yes for free not $270. And I’m sure if you reseach the internet you will find plenty of info. You’re not trying hard enough. So find a good forum post your goals/stats/diet and some well informed people will help you,trust me, or you could give me the $270 and I’ll tell you my diet. eheh