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August 30, 2006 at 11:58 am #3002

@StormTrooper wrote:

Every H substance I’ve tried has done jack shit. H sux , it dosen’t work and no one should rely on it as a remedy or cure.
No wonder your suicidal, relying on H… fool

I dont need to debate with persons with an IQ lower then 80.

Get off these forums.


During your verbal diarhoea, I noticed you said im suicidal relying on H? Im not relying on it, and I HAD depression. Also theres a large difference in Homeopathy and Classical Homeopathy. I could have gone str8 to a GP who would have prescribed Anti – depressants, which wont have cured me, only suppressed, in which case, leads to stronger dosages and unwanted sideaffects.