Reply To: unbuff update 3 *NEW BACK PIC*

October 16, 2006 at 6:26 am #2909

@Dr J wrote:

Arse to grass is fine as long as you can maintain the proper lordosis (curve of lower back).

Ie, as you down past parallel you don’t want your pelvis to start to tip forward.

wot do u mean by the pelvis tipping forward? once im right at the bottom, im so scrunched up, i cant really move my back or pelvis anywhere.

wot will tiping the pelvis forward do? What pain starts?

My lower back does curve once im down, but the rest is str8

oh yeah, I have new Personal bests.

46.5kg db bench, 5 complete reps. (upping the weight now, probably 47)
62.5kg military press 5 complete reps (upping weight)