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June 11, 2006 at 9:39 pm #2694

The leg machine that you are using is a leg press. It is quite different to squats but a good exercise nonetheless.

You will be able to add about 10 kgs a year for a couple of years more than likely.

Dumbell flyes are a good exercise but there are some technique issues so you would need to get someone to show you the proper form and get them to watch you so see that you are doing them correctly. Try squeezing the elbows together on the pec deck rather than pushing with your hands. It is possible to rotate the shoulder forward and use mostly front delt to complete the movement.

If you have spare time, add in leg curls and standing calf raises. Your legs aren’t getting much attention at the moment.

There are better programs out there but my opinion is that a very simple program like this is actually best for beginners. You will still grow and you don’t have any complicated rep schemes or difficult exercises to make it unnecessarily difficult.

Watch other people and ask questions and you’ll soon be able to modify your own program. Some people don’t talk in the gym but you can still ask here.