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November 21, 2006 at 5:05 am #2602

I chop and change a bit but for example…

2 slices 9 Grain Bread, 1 Egg, lean bacon or turkey bacon, coffee (skim milk no sugar),1 x multi-vitamin,2 x “amino-plex” tabs, 2 x fish oil / omega3 tabs.

2 slices 9 Grain Bread, salad filling with either chicken, fish, or tuna, coffee.

Usually same as above if I’m at work + 2 x amino-plex and 2 x fish oil tabs

4 crispbread with either peanut butter or vegemite and coffee. (aprox 1000kj)

Lean steak or fish and steamed greens dressed with olive oil, and cracked pepper.

Snack – either some beernuts, cottage cheese, or tuna. + 2 x amino-plex and 2 x fish oil tabs

Totals about 2000 calories give or take.

Calories 1872 (7836kJ)

Calories from Alcohol ~0.0 (0.0kJ)
Calories from Carbohydrate 357.7 (1498kJ)
Calories from Fat 764.2 (3199kJ)
Calories from Protein 749.8 (3139kJ)