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April 20, 2006 at 9:15 am #2582

Cheers for the reply Dr. J :)

I’ve been having a strange but tasty breakfast of late.

    2 egg whites
    100g turkey bacon (very low fat)
    small onion
    bit of capsicum
    100g tuna (in brine)

all scrambled and fried in a non stick pan with a spray of canola.

Then I’ve been either throwing in about 80g of 3 bean mix (carbs ?) and just eating it like that, or having it on 2 slices of toast with about 100g cottage cheese.

If I’m in a hurry though I just grab a serve of “Special K” or “Nutrigrain” with skim milk.
Does the above look alright ?

I have some more diet questions: :)

    Is bread ok for carbs in the morning ?
    What kind of carbs for post workout would be ideal ?
    How much fat per day would be ideal and in what form ?

Bear in mind that my main goal is to lose the lard, but if I can spare the muscle or build a bit at the same time that would be even better. Once I get down to my goal weight (85 – 90kg or 10 – 15% bf) then I’d like to concetrate on building some muscle depending on how I look and feel.

I also have a few questions about my workouts (if you can call them that :P) but I’ll leave those till later.

Thanks in advance,