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September 2, 2006 at 9:51 pm #2468

This is what upsets me about the whole PT thing. They will will charge you a frickin’ fortune to do the course and you end up with a nice little cert to put on your wall next to your chess trophy’s and a chest full of confidence thinking you now know all.

This is a prime example of what they don’t teach you. I’ve done the course and it’s pus! I left halfway through it for the actual emphasis was not directed where it should be and also the PEOPLE….fuck me! I have honestly never met such a rag tag, know bugger all about training group of people in my life.

James try and forget most of what they taught you unless you are thinking of taking it one step further and studying for your diploma in fitness SRF50204. Your training and education has just begun realistically. If you open your ears and your eyes in the gym world you will learn shit loads. Please for christ’s sake don’t become one of the 2million stuck up, don’t question me for I’ve got a certIV kind of trainer.

Oh yeah good luck with the weight gain. :D