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February 16, 2006 at 11:51 am #2322


I dont know, but i suspect hes another guy trying to make a buck of unsuspecting victims, how can you trust someone that only has pictures of muscley cartoon characters on his site. Dr John Berardi will eat him for breakfast .

Yeah, yeah, I can definatly understand your suspiscions. The world of Bodybuilding is 99% full of crap!

Although I’m not one for crap and am looking at this from a wide range of testomonials and word of mouths. This guy, although he hasn’t got pictures (yet there is reason for that – mainly not wanting the focus on only his body and his achievements blah blah) comes with high recommendations from almost everyone who has heard of him (by the way he’s been into bodybuilding for some 30 years)

I have joined the Round Table discussion forum and found it quite interesting and useful.

Still waiting for his book though! Hopefully Monday! :(