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February 10, 2006 at 11:27 pm #2283

@Dreamphysique wrote:

Hi Mate.

I’m pretty new too but check this site out, Very very interesting

Normally I’d zap links like this but I clicked through myself.

At first my eyes started rolling. Then the news that GH gut was actually caused by whey protein had my jaw dropping. Then finally, the author signed off

‘Wade McNutt’

…laugh? I nearly shat. I haven’t laughed so much since grandma died and Aunt Mable caught her left tit in the ringer … (apologies to D & C)

Once I’d wiped the tears from my eyes I still wasn’t sure what sort of snake oil Mr McNutt was selling, magnetic protein?

Anyway, click through and have a good laugh. If I can get the camera working I might even post a picture of my ‘whey protein gut’.