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January 5, 2006 at 6:15 am #2115

Thanks a lot for the kind words guys, in fact i think that first pic makes me look a little bigger than i am in real life, but hey, im not complaining lol. Started training at 15 weighing 57 kgs ( i’m a classic ectomorph) and spent a few years experimenting and learning different approaches to training. Gains in size were always extremely hard to come by, so i became more interested in getting as strong as i could and let the physique take care of itself. I never made any real progress until i started training in a more abbreviated manner, kept everything very basic and just tried to get stronger on the bigger movements. Nowadays i train twice a week, using things like squats, deadlifts, weighted dips and chins, shrugs, weighted push ups, grip work etc just trying to get stronger overall. Not the type of routine most guys here follow, but suits me and my goals perfectly. I’ve been taking it easy on some of the lifts recently cause of a slight back injury, but my partial deadlifts ( from knee height) were up to 905lb, i’m dipping bw + 180lb, chinning bw + 145lb. Got my weight up to about 90kg, but i feel more comfortable around 85ish which is where i am now. I was in the low 70’s when i started training this way. [/list][/list][/quote]