Reply To: 2006 Goals

January 5, 2006 at 2:24 am #2101

To be 90kg (from 78kg currently) for my birthday December 3, 2006, i know its possible with adequate nutriton , rest and weight training. I started at 66kg at 5″11 height, i gained a bit over 10 kgs in a little over a year, but my diet and sleep wasnt in order for full potential, if only i had it in good order i would have gained more.

I have to say if it wasnt for myopure i wouldnt be where i am today, you sacrifice a bit for taste and make your own mixtures, but the results speak for themselves, even a steroid using (test/deca) competitive bodybuilder friend of mine keeps commenting on my change. I like it how he balloons then shrinks depending on the cycle, and i stay the same all year round 8) .