Reply To: 2006 Goals

January 3, 2006 at 3:37 am #2100

My goal is to gain 5kg of lean muscle and to lose the fat around my mid section and back, by end December 2006!

Do you guys think this is a realistic target or am I aiming a little too high?

My son and I started working out 2 months ago. Out of those 2 months I was ill for 3 weeks where I couldn’t train at all.
I am 6′ in hight and my weight was 90kg when I started out. My goals then was to lose the access fat around my mid section and back as quickly as possibly (lol, that’s what we all want…everything must be as quickly as possibly). Today I weigh 85.5kg and my stomach has come down in size from 104.5cm to 97.5cm.

I have till now followed a low calorie diet (RMR + about 300 – 400 additional calories/day with a split of Protein @ 30%, Carbs 55 – 60%, and the balance fat – that was about 2300 calories/day). I have been working my backside off in that I have been doing cardio every morning, currently am doing interval training for 50 minutes (where I burn an average of 600 calories per session), and am on a 4 day split with my weight training (I won’t bore you with the calorie consumption per session :lol:). My training routine is the one given by Cashman over at at present.

But there is still too much fat….YUCK!!!
I seem now to have reached a limit in regards to my weight reduction, which I’m thinking is due to the weight training and maybe, just maybe a little bit of muscle that has been developing. My goal was to reach 84kg but this has now changed.
What was really disappointing was that I have been using Redbak WPI and then, in my effort to lose the ugly stuff around the middle, read in the forum that those who had used this in the past had gained some extra fat!

I am now trying Myopure 😆 and expect delivery tomorrow.

I should be receiving my fat measuring calipers tomorrow and will only then be able to tell you what my current body fat percentage is.

In an attempt to remove the stuborn uglies that are still around, I am upping my calories to RMR x 1.2 + 600 (for cardio) + calories burnt for each training session and going to train hard. I will continue with my 4 day split program. I will be following a carb cycling diet for the next three months and will monitor my body fat etc…fortnightly. I will try to maintain my protein levels between 30 – 35% and my fat intake up around 20% if possible. I have also decided to use createne during this period. I guess I am hoping to let the extra muscle assist in the fat attack!

I hope that I am approaching this correctly?

Anyway, apologies for the lengthy post on my goal and hope you all achieve what you have set out to do.