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January 3, 2006 at 12:47 am #2095

@kinmassive wrote:

Also the question you have to ask yourself is how do the majority of pro’s train??

Yeah, but I dont stick a syringe in my glutes every day.
There is no way that you can compare pro’s training to the rest of us. At least I cant.

I inderstand how many people question how it is possible to keep the intensity high doing fullbody.
Actually I find it much easier. For example,once I have given my all in my 3 sets of squats, there is no way I could just keep on hammering my legs.
They are spent, well and truly, so I move on to another bodypart.
I find this especially valid for smaller muscle groups such as bi’s and tri’s.
After 3 sets of chins and dips, they are cactus. How do you guys keep hammering such a small muscle for longer?

The only way i found I could do it when I used to train splits was to “hold back” on my earlier exercises.

The other thing I really like about training fullbody is that I also have a life outside the gym, and I do not miss the good old where I would train legs and then not be able to walk for three days.

I dont have that problem with fullbody.The frequency makes up for the lack of volume.

Its not for everyone, but it suits me and my goals to a “T”