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April 25, 2009 at 4:00 am #1986

@dave wrote:

With your work in the day i wonder how you fit all this training in. Where do you get the energy? .

As others would know here that I have always trained a little more than most, some would asy this could be a good thing, others bad??

Now that I am actually competing I train 4 days a week, every week without fail and I add at least two power cardio days into that week also. Then come 8 weeks out I start driving to Brissie for event training every second saturday.

Now with a business, wife and two kids it has stretched my time to the max! My wife started complaining that it was taking over so i started getting up earlier 6am and hitting the weights then. This allows me to go to work by 8am and work late and do some chores around the house. To be completely honest I am fucked just about all the time, particulaly heavy days on legs and deads.

Most of the guys I compete with are dudes who live for it and don’t have near as many commitments as me but thats life.

If you want something bad enough, no excuse will do. 😉